Controversial Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Blames Call of Duty for Performance

Controversial Tennis Star Blames Call of Duty for Recent Poor Performance

Now we’ve pretty much all been there at some point in our gaming lives.  We’re playing games online and we have a stinker of a performance, most of the times I bet we don’t even admit that it was ourselves that sucked.  Whether it’s the blame of lag, the control pad being faulty or being distracted by another person in the room, it’s very rarely our fault.

However, controversial tennis star, Nick Kyrgios had Call of Duty (among other things) to blame for a recent performance on the court.  During a match at the US Open, New York, the temperamental Aussie crashed out of the competition at the hands of Russian, Andrey Rublev.

During the match prior to his loss, Kyrgios was heard demanding that a linesman to be removed from the court, complaining about being blinded by the lights at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, as well as being reported for using foul language.  For those that follow the career of Kyrgios, these antics should come as no surprise for the entertaining, yet, bad boy of tennis.


However, it was the comments of popular videogame Call of Duty that caught the attention of many gamers that were watching the enthralling match.  Kyrgios was heard saying “Gaming bro.  Call of Duty has ruined me!”

Who knows, Kyrgios may very well have been up all night playing some of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which probably isn’t the best of preparations before a professional game, but I think we can all agree that videogames are a great way for us to unwind. I’m sure Kyrgios is annoyed about crashing out of the tournament, but look on the bright-side, if he hasn’t already, he could be in-line for a sweet sponsorship deal with Activision, especially with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releasing on November 5th this year.