Crazy Upcoming Survival Game Where you Have to Survive Deep in the Amazon Jungle

Green Hell is an upcoming survival game deep in the Amazon jungle that’s already looking pretty hot. Here’s everything you need to know about the game and the release plans the developers have for it.

Survival games can often be hit and miss, usually because they are released early in development as early access titles. The same will be happening with Green Hell, but the first day release content looks interesting enough to give the game promise.

All We Know About Amazon Jungle Survival Game Green Hell

Green Hell is developed by Creepy Jar, a development team not well known by the public.
Despite us knowing little about the people behind the project, their initial reveal for Green Hell has garnered a lot of attention.

First off, let’s start with the release schedule. Green Hell is set to hit early access this summer on Steam. Creepy Jar also has plans to release Green Hell as a console title, but that may be some time down the line.

Green Hell is a survival game through and through. There’s more of a focus on fighting against the elements and keeping yourself in healthy condition than there is towards base building or progression like in games such as ARK or Rust.

Below we’ve provided an overview of some of the unique survival mechanics coming to Green Hell.

Infections And Wounds

From what we can tell, there will be various wounds, potential infections, and treatment methods that players must discover.

A notebook within the UI will help provide information on how to heal wounds once the treatment methods have been learned.

Details about how the wound affects the player are also jotted down in the notebook.

An example of a wound treatment during a Green Hell gameplay session included maggot therapy. Players had to hunt down maggots and use them to clean out the dead tissue inside the infected wound.

To apply treatment methods, players would have to use the inspect tool to physically locate the wound on their body and then click and drag the treatment from their backpack to apply the treatment.

Smartwatch System

To minimize UI elements and to create a more immersive gameplay experience, Green Hell will use a smartwatch as the player’s main monitoring system.

Players can look at their smartwatch to see four levels – fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and hydration.

Ideally, players will want to maximize all four of these bars on their smartwatch by getting a varied diet and keeping hydrated.

Animal Variety

A big part about what makes Green Hell special is the huge variety in wildlife and animals. Most survival games seem to have a small selection.

For example, Rust has bears, pigs, horses, and other large animals. DayZ, on the other hand, has cows, deer, and wolves.

With Green Hell, there’s a much larger variety of animals and they all play an important role in gameplay.

Green Hell features smaller animals like frogs and fish to larger, more aggressive predators, and everything in between.


It almost seems like no survival game is complete without some form of crafting. In Green Hell, creating primitive tools and equipment will be an important part of gameplay.

Players will be able to find crafting recipes in their notebook to create basic items and weapons. For example, a spear can be created with a stone blade, a long stick, and some rope.

Descriptions of the items needed for crafting each recipe are also provided in the notebook. For example, a stone blade is created by combining two stones. A rope has two methods of creation, either by collecting fibers from plants or by harvesting long-stemmed, woody vines from trees.

This level of detail for crafting seems to be present throughout every item in Green Hell. At the moment, we’re not sure how many items will be available for crafting or whether players will ever be able to create anything besides primitive equipment.

Hunting And Harvesting

Players can collect basic resources like stones and sticks simply by finding them scattered along the Amazon jungle floor. All of the basic tools for creating most items are available through this method.

For hunting down food, things get more complex. To hunt fish, you must create a spear and then physically throw the spear at fish you see in lakes and ponds.

When harvesting things like fruit and berries, players have to essentially try their luck to find out the potential benefits or negative impacts of eating them.

Immersive User Interface

To create an immersive experience, Creepy Jar has opted to limit menus as much as possible. However, there is still a lot of information provided to the player thanks to creative methods Creepy Jar has used to create immersive user interfaces.

Your notebook will be where you find most of your crafting recipes and learned information. This will be a player’s main in-game ‘menu’ – there will be different sections the player can flip through to access different content and players can flick through pages to find things like crafting recipes, traps, and medical information.

The smartwatch mentioned earlier is also a creative way to showcase player status.

As for equipping items, Creepy Jar has used a 3D backpack that can be opened and interacted with. When you open your inventory, you are shown the inside of your backpack with all of your items inside. Your ‘quick bar’ items are attached to 4 compartments on the outside of your backpack.

There are some more traditional user elements in Green Hell, too. You can see your health and stamina at the bottom of the screen and there is a GTA 5 style item quick select wheel, too.

Weather System

There will be a dynamic weather system in Green Hell that mimics the erratic weather patterns that happen in real jungles. We’re not sure how they will impact gameplay, but storms can last from a few minutes to up to a few days.

Enemy Tribes

Players will also have to go up against enemy tribes – we’re not sure how frequent tribe encounters will be, but they will prove to be the end game threat in Green Hell.

Green Hell Gameplay

YouTube video

If you’d like to check out more Green Hell details, you can watch a 20 minute gameplay video above.

Green Hell will be a singleplayer only game and the game that most closely resembles it is The Forest.