Creating Octane’s Run Made Apex Legends Developers Laugh. A Lot

Apex Legends leaves little to be desired. From its insanely fun gameplay to its clever mechanics, Apex seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Funnily enough, it’s also bringing the lols, not just for players for also for its developers over at Respawn Entertainment.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

In a post on Reddit, a user by the name of LeOsaru shared a video of the newest addition to the lineup of Legends, Octane, along with the caption: “whoever came up with the idea to have Octane run like that deserves a raise.”

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one – Octane runs like a fool, and it’s hilarious.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The post absolutely blew up on Reddit, receiving over 30 thousand upvotes, and it even caught the attention of one of Respawn’s team members (who never seem to be too far from the Apex Reddit thread).

Moyparra from Respawn’s animation team said: “We (the animation team) literally could not stop laughing when we were shooting these run cycles at the MoCap stage! It was a blast :D…looking as stupid as possible is already a given the moment you walk into the stage in a in spandex onesie with little dots all over your face, plastic mini golf balls velcroed to your body and holding a ‘gun’ made out of pvc pipes lol.”

What an image.

Check out the original video of Octane pounding some tarmac over on Reddit here.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Does a match with Octane have you laughing out loud?

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment