Walmart Apparently Wants To Start A Streaming Service For Video Games

Retail giant Walmart is apparently looking to make a play in the gaming industry, by starting its own video game streaming service.

UsGamer reports that “multiple” anonymous sources have claimed that it’s something Walmart is looking into. Although no other details were given, it’s also being said that Walmart has been “speaking with developers and publishers” since the beginning of 2019.

Credit: Microsoft/Sony

Walmart has yet to comment on the rumours.

It would be an interesting time for Walmart to tackle streaming, which is a market that’s suddenly become increasingly competitive.

Google recently unveiled its own venture into the video games industry, Stadia. Stadia is an upcoming gaming platform that will allow you to stream high-quality AAA games to basically any Google-supporting device you own, from your laptop to your mobile phone.

Credit: Google

Google boasts that the streaming platform is actually more technically impressive than both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and Stadia will also support full cross-play across all platforms – including saves and progression.

Stadia will also be looking into new ways of sharing specific elements of your play. Whether you want to share your gameplay to thousands or just to your buddy, you can create a Shareable Moment with a new feature called State Share that’ll translate your play into a link for you to do whatever you like with.

Stadia is due to launch sometime this year.

Credit: Google

There’s also rumours that Microsoft’s next console is disc-less, meaning it’s a streaming box, also rumoured to see a 2019 release.

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Featured Image Credit: Walmart