Credits For Shenmue 3 Include A Marriage Proposal, But What Happened?

“Be my wife, Yvonne. Your R.” These are the six mysterious words that have been found in the end credits of the recently-released Shenmue 3.

The game, which relied heavily on its Kickstarter for funding, offered backers of a certain level the opportunity to have their name in the game’s credits. R, however, seemingly decided to opt for something a little more romantic: by proposing to their partner, Yvonne.

Credit: Deep Silver/Ys Net

The Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 was started way back in 2015, meaning that R could have submitted the proposal into the credits as far back as four years ago. So, not only do we not know the identity of these Shenmue fans, but we also don’t know if they’re engaged, married or even if they’re still together.


Sounds like a mystery for some internet sleuths if you ask me…#FindYvonne #FindR?

Last year one gamer decided to complete a similar stunt and propose to his girlfriend through Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man. Unfortunately, by the time the game released, the couple was sadly no more.

In 2018, a Twitter user named Tyler reached out to Insomniac Games asking for the company’s help in proposing to his girlfriend of five years. Surprisingly, Insomniac obliged, and added an in-game sign which reads: “Maddie, will you marry me?” 

Credit: Ys Net/Deep Silver

Unfortunately, Maddie was dating Tyler’s brother by the time the game released, and Insomniac Games patched the sign out of the game. Ouch.

Hopefully, there’s been a happier ending in store for the apparently-Shenmue-loving mysterious Yvonne and R. (If you have any idea who Yvonne or R might be, please get in touch! #FindYvonne)

After being in development for much longer than first anticipated, the third instalment in the iconic SEGA series is now on store shelves.


Shenmue 3 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver/Ys Net