The New Spider-Man Game Has The Saddest Easter Egg Ever – With Real Consequences 

Pretty much everyone in the whole world had been counting down the days until the release of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, which released on 7th September 2018, but one gamer had another reason to be hyped. 

A Twitter user named Tyler reached out to Insomniac Games way back in May, asking for its help in proposing to his girlfriend of five years.  

Surprisingly, Insomniac obliged, and added an in-game sign which reads: “Maddie, will you marry me?” 

It could have been one of the most beautiful love stories in gaming, but unfortunately it seems the couple parted


According to Gamespot, Tyler spoke about the break-up in a since-deleted vlog, stating: “I’m actually kind of happy it’s in this game. A lot of people, when I told them how I was going to propose to her, I don’t think they understood that there was a literal piece of this game that anybody can go to.” 

But lots of people have visited the site of the doomed proposal, tweeting out their photos and sharing their sadness over what’s quickly become one of the most tragic Easter eggs of any game, ever. 

Gamespot also reported that the game’s art director, Jacinda Chew, offered her condolences to Tyler and has offered to remove the proposal in the future via an update. 

Have you found the proposal in Spider-Man yet? 

The highly-anticipated title hasn’t disappointed its fans, nabbing itself near-perfect scores across the board and wowing pretty much everyone who’s gotten their hands on it. 

The visually-stunning game has a strong emphasis on the fluidity of movement, creating a New York that’s fun to web-sling around thanks to the attention to detail and clear dedication of Insomniac Games.