Cuphead Is Finally Getting The Delicious Last Course DLC Next Year

Cuphead, the hard-as-nails run-and-gun, is getting its The Delicious Last Course DLC after a four year wait.

Announced back in 2018, The Delicious Last Course is finally going to be released June 30, next year. A trailer showing off the DLC was shown at The Game Awards last night, framed by an incredibly cute 1930s-esque puppet show.

The Cuphead DLC finally introduces Ms. Chalice as a playable character. She was featured as an NPC in the base game, but in more of a damsel in distress type role. 

YouTube video

The DLC will also introduce new weapons and magical charms, though details weren’t provided on what these might be. Ms. Chalice will also have unique abilities. The Delicious Last Course will see players assisting Chef Saltbaker. And judging from the trailer, the Chef will be the one to give you the new weapons you can acquire. 

Chad Moldenhauer, Studio MDHR’s co-director, released a statement saying, “We’re beyond thrilled to finally be sharing a release date for The Delicious Last Course with our fans. As with so many of our fellow developers, creating games during these unique times has brought with it a host of challenges, and we’re so grateful to our Cuphead community for their patience and excitement as we’ve pushed to make The Delicious Last Course a true high watermark of the studio’s art, design, and animation.” 

The Delicious Last Course was originally expected to release in 2019, but received subsequent delays. A Netflix show based on Cuphead is also in the works, but currently has no release date. The DLC will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and GOG when it launches next year.

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Featured Image Credit: Studio MDHR