Silent Hill Creator Reveals New Game: ‘Slitterhead’

We’ve finally gotten a look at Slitterhead, the first game from the creator of Silent Hill, and his new studio Bokeh Game Studio. 

Slitterhead was announced last night at The Game Awards, and body horror aplenty can be found in its trailer. No gameplay was shown off, though everything that is in the trailer does seem to be in-engine.

The trailer shows off people turning into horrible, spider-like monsters, and is a lot more action packed than you might expect. Someone in a military-like suit makes a sword out of blood, slicing and dicing the monsters. And the monsters are doing their own fair share of slicing too.

YouTube video

Bokeh Game Studio has been somewhat teasing its first game since the studio was announced earlier this year. It’s being led by Keiichiro Toyama, creator of the Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Rush series. Slitterhead will also feature music from Akira Yamaoka, the original composer of Silent Hill.

It will also feature designs from Mega Man and Devil May Cry V character designer Tatsuya Yoshikawa. And Gravity Rush lead designer Junya Okura is involved in the project too. It’s looking to be a bit of an all-star studio. 

No release date or window has been set yet for Slitterhead. And the game isn’t confirmed to be coming to any particular platforms. Though it’s likely it will come to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

A recent report suggested that Konami would be outsourcing development of a new Silent Hill game to Kojima Productions. But nothing there has been confirmed as of yet either.

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Featured Image: Bokeh Game Studio