Cyberpunk 2077 Will NOT Be An Epic Store Exclusive

The gaming world has been up in arms ever since Steam got itself the biggest competitor of all time – the Epic Games Store.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

Offering up two free games a month and providing exclusives including the likes of Metro Exodus, the Epic Games Store is some stiff competition, but Steam fans aren’t keen on having to start a whole new library of games.

With the Metro Exodus controversy, in which the game became an Epic exclusive just a few weeks before launch, CD Projekt Red has spoken out about its upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077 [via TheGamer].

Over on Twitter, the official account for Cyberpunk responded to a fan question about Epic Store exclusivity, saying: “Yeaaaaaaaaah…. Pass on that.”

People are really happy with the news, but still not anywhere near as happy as they will be when Cyberpunk 2077 gets a release date.

Cyberpunk 2077, a dystopian RPG, is coming from the masters of the genre at CD Projekt Red, and what we’ve seen of it so far has more than impressed gamers across the world.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

It’s still not known whether it will end up releasing on current-gen consoles, or if it’ll be something we’ll be booting up on our PlayStation 5s or the Xbox Whatevers.

Right now, all we know is that it’s coming “when it’s ready.”

Yeah, thanks for that, CD Projekt Red…

Credit: CD Projekt Red

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red.