Streamer Brands Non-Donating Subscribers As ‘Leeches’

You can barely go a day without hearing of another livestream controversy. Whether it’s streamers supposedly being banned for saying there’s “only two genders,” or streamers trying to get people to floss on New Years Eve (ha), these Twitch gamers just can’t keep it to themselves.

The latest livestream controversy comes courtesy of BadBunny, who’s p*ssed off a lot of people after she branded Twitch viewers who don’t donate as “leeches.”

Credit: Twitch

In a clip which you can watch below, BadBunny calls out “cheap ass” people who watch Twitch content and don’t choose to give money to the creator.

She says: “If you’re watching Twitch as a non-donating, non-sub, you are leeching. Does that mean you should feel bad about it? I don’t know, but the reality is that you are leeching.”

The notorious Keemstar has gotten in on the controversy, mocking BadBunny for her words on Twitter and showing the clip.

Naturally, people have responded in outrage.

Credit: Twitch/BadBunny

The controversy is definitely going to cost BadBunny some of her subscribers…


What’s your opinion – should people donate to content creators if they watch or engage with their content?

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/BadBunny