Dap Is a Spooky Cross Between A Ghibli Film And Zelda Game

Dap, a new horror-adventure game with mystical elements that reminds us of Studio Ghibli and Legend of Zelda, is out on Steam now.

The gorgeous visuals include ghostly little figures called ‘Daps’, which seem straight out of Princess Mononoke (which is on Netflix at the moment – you’re welcome). You must shepherd a group of them through “a hostile and corrupted world.” The world of the Daps has suffered some sort of catastrophe, and you need to help them get home through this dark new environment.

It’s been developed and published by Melting Parrot, who describe the game like this:

“Dap is a horror-action-adventure about gathering and protecting a pack of fragile creatures called Daps. Lead your Daps to safety through an eerily beautiful world, fighting off threats, solving puzzles, and avoiding the infection that twists your companions into something alien and terrifying…”

You can watch the deeply spooky and beautiful trailer here:

YouTube video

While it’s been clearly influenced by older 8-bit games like The Legend of Zelda, it’s got a soft, freeform feel to it. The way the Daps move through the dark and swirling world is both unsettling and hypnotic.

It’s another great option for an unsettling game to get you in the mood for the season of spooks! The game is out on Steam now if you’re ready to save the Daps.

What do you think of the look of the eerie Dap game? Have you got any favourites spooky games? Let us know via our social media channels.

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