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Dark Horse Is Publishing A Deathloop Art Book Hardcover

Comics publisher Dark Horse has revealed the hardcover for The Art of Deathloop art book.

Deathloop was easily one of the most incredibly art directed games of 2021. The immersive sim was filled to the brim with ridiculously stylish 60s design. Each space felt incredibly iconic, with some striking setpieces flitted throughout. So of course this needs to be captured in the form of an art book.

Now, Dark Horse has given us a look at the hard cover for their upcoming The Art of Deathloop (thanks, IGN). Like in previous Dark Horse art books, this one will give Deathloop fans some behind-the-scenes commentary and early concept art of the game. 

Credit: Dark Horse

The Art of Deathloop brings the mysterious island of Blackreef to life through never-before-seen concept art,” reads the official description. “Readers will get up close and personal with all the equipment, adversaries, and locations that assassin Colt will encounter while hunting his targets, breaking the island’s timeloop, and evading the deadly rival assassin, Julianna!

The book also seems to come with a pair of 3D glasses, so it will be fun to see how those are put to use. And based on the game, it will likely be incredibly stylish. It will cost £41.99, though Forbidden Planet currently has it available to pre-order at £28.97 at the time of writing. Forbidden Planet also says the item will be released in July, but it has been pushed back to August 16. 

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Featured Image Credit: Arkane Studios