Days Gone Actor Says ‘Buy The Game On PC’ If You Want A Sequel

Days Gone actor Sam Witwer tells fans to “buy the game on PC” if you want a sequel during a recent Reddit AMA.

Witwer, who plays Deacon St John in the post-apocalyptic zombie game, has encouraged fans to put their money where their mouth is if they want Days Gone 2.

Fans have been passionate about Days Gone getting a sequel, despite reports that it wouldn’t be happening. In April a petition was making the rounds to convince Sony to make a sequel, at the time of writing the petition has over 100,000 signatures.

Prior to the petition, Days Gone director John Garvin stirred up controversy with fans telling them that if they wanted a sequel, they should have bought the original game at full price!

As reported by The Gamer, in a recent Reddit AMA session, Sam Witwer chimed in his thoughts on Days Gone 2.

During the Reddit conversation, Witwer confirmed that he would like to reprise the role of Deacon St John, and if fans want a sequel, he encouraged them to “buy the game on PC” adding that “nothing talks more than sales,” and he’s not wrong.

days gone
Credit: SIE/Bend Studio

I personally believe that fans’ pleas are so loud, it would be crazy for Sony to not make the sequel happen. Although if fans were to convince Sony, it’s likely that an announcement would wait until an event such as State of Play or even The Game Awards.

Days Gone is available on PC now and judging by the response, it’s a very good port. Plus it’s a great game, so if you haven’t played it already, I’d certainly recommend picking it up.

Are you hopeful that we’ll get Days Gone 2? If so, let us know across our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Bend Studio