Resident Evil Village Gets Even Scarier With Silent Hill Nurses

The mods for Capcom’s newly-release Resident Evil Village are coming thick and fast, and one creator has made the game even more terrifying with the addition of Silent Hill nurses.

silent hill nurses re village mod
Credit: Nexusmods:wheezer123

So far, many of the most popular Resident Evil Village mods have learned towards the silly. Mods that replace baby Rose with Ethan, and even mods which replace Chris Redfield with Rose have taken the internet by storm.

If you’re looking for a more serious mod, one that only adds to the terror of Village, then creator wheezer123 has covered.

silent hill nurses re village mod
Credit: Nexusmods:wheezer123

Available over at Nexusmods, the “Silent Hills Nurses” mod replaces the game’s Ghouls with the medical staff of Silent Hill. SH fans will already know just how terrifying these stooped and faceless nurses are, but add them into the new-gen horror of Village and you get a crossover for the ages!

Creator wheezer123 says: “Castle basement enemies are now nurses! i thought the movement of the enemies in the basement was pretty similar to the SH nurses not to mention, they’re all female. i hope you enjoy the mod!

YouTube video

“Enjoy” might be the wrong word here, but all jokes aside, this is one mod that’s definitely going to ramp up the horror of Capcom’s new smash hit. Check out the mod in action in the video above!

While it’s rumoured that a new Silent Hill game could be on the way, at least we can experience some of the series’ best enemies once again thanks to this mod.

If you want to give this Silent Hill x Resident Evil Village mod a whirl you can download it today!

silent hill nurses re village mod
Credit: Konami/Capcom

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Featured Image Credit: Konami/Capcom