Dead Space Producer Would Love To Work On A Sequel With Multiplayer

Please make this happen.

Credit: Visceral Games

The Dead Space franchise is all but dead in the water at this stage, but with such a huge fanbase behind it, wouldn’t Dead Space 4 just make perfect sense?

Well, the producer of the original Dead Space, Glen Schofield, certainly thinks there’s life in the old dog yet, and he’s even got some pretty well-thought-out ideas for a sequel.

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Credit: EA/Visceral Games

During an episode of The Game Informer Show podcast [via GameRant] Schofield said he’d go back to basics with the lore, scrapping the overly-complex storylines and history brought in by the second and third games.

Right now, Dead Space‘s publisher EA is focusing pretty heavily on multiplayer games, which is something Schofield thinks a fourth Dead Space game might need.

Credit: Visceral Games/EA

Schofield suggested that a multiplayer game is more likely to get the a-okay from EA, as it would show longevity for the title. If he was heading the project, Schofield said he’d “start” with multiplayer, though he didn’t say he’d entirely abandon a single-player campaign.


It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen a new Dead Space game, and six whole years have passed since the third game in the franchise released.

Credit: Visceral Games/EA

It’s getting seriously unlikely that we’ll ever see a new Dead Space game with the shutdown of Visceral Games, and it’s a safe bet to say not too many fans of the franchise would want to see a multiplayer version…

Would you like to see Dead Space 4 or has this franchise met its untimely end?

Featured Image Credit: EA/Visceral Games

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