Deathloop Update Broke Stealth And Players Are Annoyed

Deathloop recently got its second update which intended to improve the AI of NPCs, but it might have broken stealth according to some players.

The most recent Arkane received high praise across the board when it launched in September. Critics praised the strong art direction and clever level design. We called it the best game of the year in our review.

But the game has had a number of issues since its release, at least for some players. Important things like controller remapping were missing, and a lot of the text was almost too small to read. Many also had issues with how the NPCs would react to your actions in the game. Some complained that NPCs felt like they were very unresponsive. So in Deathloop’s second update for the game, there were numerous ‘fixes’ to NPCs.

Credit: Arkane/ Bethesda

fix for a fix

The update included things like NPCs reacting to near miss headshots, reacting when another is assassinated close by, and hearing better and reacting faster to nearby footfalls.

But some players on Reddit have found that this Deathloop update might have broken stealth. “The AI detects me from walls while I’m not even making a sound, after they patched the game,” one user posted on the Deathloop subreddit. “I feel like I always end up having a war with the whole map.”

User Swvmpy has been having a similar problem. Swvmpy had previously posted that they didn’t think the AI changes would be that easy. Now they can run across the whole level, making sure to stealth so NPCs can’t find them again, and have other NPCs notice them even with Aether in use. The Aether ability lets Colt turn invisible, so obviously you should remain undetectable.

Hopefully Arkane will be able to find a fix for this initial fix before players end up struggling too much.


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Featured Image Credit: Arkane/ Bethesda