Deathloop’s Main Characters Are Instant Fashion Icons

The newly released concept art for Deathloop shows off its two main characters, Colt and Julianna, and their outfits have us seriously obsessed with their fashion choices. 

As you can see from this PlayStation blog, Arkane Studios has released some gorgeous concept art. The designers have also explained some of the thinking that went into how they styled this duo for Deathloop. 

Deathloop’s look and feel is grounded in the sixties. As Lead Character Artist Jean-Baptiste Ferder explains, the studio wanted to put the sixties through an “Arkane lens”. He goes on to explain where they got their inspiration:

“We gathered hundreds of references and looked at important figures from the fashion world of the 1960s. Courrèges’ clothing, Pierre Cardin’s vibrant colors, Vidal Sassoon’s distinctive hair styling, and many, many more.”

Outfits reflect character traits and backstory

In the blog, Ferder goes on to explain the careful thought-process that’s gone into Colt and Julianna’s outfits. Colt’s primary outfit ties into his backstory – his past as in the air force is reflected in the classic leather pilot’s jacket. In contrast, Julianna’s stylish boxy jacket and tight-fitting leggings evoke a sense of movement “implying she is fast and agile”. She also wears archery gloves which adds to her ‘hunter’ character.

Alternative outfits for Julianna show her in a gold sleeveless top and camo bomber jacket, an A-line tennis mini-dress and a black catsuit that evokes Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman costume. 

Credit: Arkane Studios

Ferder described Colt as a “super stylish killer” in the suit below. Colt looks as if he has just stepped off the set of the Goldfinger movie.

Credit: Arkane Studios

It’s not just that the fashion in Deathloop oozes cool. Each piece links into their personality and backstory, massively fleshing out the characters. The design of the environment also reflects a sixties aesthetic – with sparkling, glittery material in the weapons and translucent plastic in the sculptures. 

While we wait for Deathloop to release, I’m off to add the character art to my Pinterest as outfit inspo!

What do you think of Deathloop’s fashion aesthetic? Would you rock Colt or Julianna’s outfits? Let us know on our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Arkane Studios