Demo Leak Reveals Final Fantasy VII Spoilers, File Size and More

Now I’ll warn you before you read on, this article will feature spoilers for the Final Fantasy VII remake, which is set to release for PS4 this year.  So please keep that in mind before continuing on.

That said, it seems that Square Enix will soon be releasing a playable demo for the Final Fantasy VII on the PSN Store and I can’t wait to play it.  However, some dataminers have found out some yet to be revealed details.

For starters, the yet to be released demo is said to have a download file size of 10GB and will allow players to play at least some part of the games first chapter, which is expected to last around 45 minutes, which should involve Cloud teaming-up with Barrett and Avalanche, as they begin to take the fight to Shinra. They also found out that the full game should contain 18 chapters.

The dataminers also discovered a rhythm-based mini-game that involves Cloud dodging enemy attacks, as well as four hours worth of in-game music, however, quite interestingly, new story contents have been found that links the Final Fantasy VII remake to the PSP’s Crisis Core, a spin-off to the original FFVII. Added details also revealed that Aerith will return and a section of the campaign story has Don Corneo, along with Cloud dressing up as a woman to fool their common enemy, Tifa. Finally, you can watch the leaked demo video here on Digital Trends site.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake will release for PlayStation 4 on March 3rd.