John Wick Creator Is Working On A Streets Of Rage Movie

According to an exclusive report from Deadline, John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is now working on a Streets of Rage movie.

Derek Kolstad also worked as a scriptwriter for the action movie ‘Nobody’ starring Bob Odenkirk. So, perhaps nobody could be better suited to lead this reported project, than Mr Kolstad.

YouTube video

Sources close to Deadline claim that Sonic movie producer, dj2 Entertainment as well as Escape Artists will produce the adaptation. In February this year, it was confirmed that dj2 Entertainment would also lead the movie and TV adaptations of the critically acclaimed, It Takes Two.

Furthermore, Kolstad is no stranger to the video game to movie adaptations, because he is also leading the project of bringing Ghost of Tsushima to the big screen, directed by Chad Stahelski. 

However, I suspect that this reported Streets of Rage movie will feature more ‘over-the-top’ action compared to the more serious nature of Ghost of Tsushima. Though I could be wrong.

Would you like to see a Streets of Rage movie?

Credit: Dotemu

Obviously, at this time, we must take all unconfirmed rumours with a pinch of salt. That being said, are you excited at the prospect of a Streets of Rage movie? Let us know on Twitter.

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