Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack: Everything You Need To Know

Destiny 2 is currently in what is considered one of quieter periods for content. We’re only a few months away from the next major expansion – The Witch Queen – and the seasonal content has mostly dried up. Fortunately, Bungie has something up its sleeve in the run up to Christmas. Announced alongside The Witch Queen, Bungie also revealed plans to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. 

Opened in 1991 – which makes it the same age as me, gosh I’m old – Bungie has played a key role in the growth of the video games industry. You may have heard of this little known series called, Halo? There’s this big soldier guy called Master Chief, you might have seen him around. Anyway, to celebrate its 30th Birthday, Bungie is releasing a special piece of content in Destiny 2. 

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While this isn’t a full blown content release like the forthcoming The Witch Queen, it will offer players something new to focus on in the time between now and February. The event will feature both paid and free content, so those who don’t want to purchase the pack can still get involved in the festivities. 

So, what is the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack?

The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack is a collection of new content. The pack will feature a new dungeon based on Earth, the return of the iconic Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher from Destiny, new weapons, armour, ornaments, emotes, sparrows and ghost shells that represent 30 years of Bungie. There are no specific details for the new items. However, players can likely expect returning items from Destiny. And maybe some new items inspired by the developers history – here’s hoping for some subtle Halo inspired items. 

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack is currently available on Steam for £21.99, and can be bought alongside the forthcoming DLC and expansion pack for next year. The pack will launch next Tuesday. Every Tuesday, Destiny 2 will go down for maintenance in the late afternoon. Players can get their hands on the pack when Destiny 2 comes back online next Tuesday (December 8th) around 6pm (GMT).

The new six-player activity will likely form the bulk of the moment-to-moment gameplay introduced in the new content. While Bungie has not specifically detailed the activity yet, players can likely expect something similar to Override or the Menagerie. The pack will also bring with it a number of changes and buffs, including some pretty important exotic buffs. Weapons like Whisper Of The Worm, Malfeasance, DARCI, Arbalest and Fighting Lion will all be more effective with next month’s update. 

When will The Witch Queen DLC release, and what is it?

With the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack released, the next major update will be The Witch Queen DLC. Originally planned to release a few months ago, Bungie delayed the DLC until February 2022. Permitting any further delays, Destiny 2 – The Witch Queen will release on February 22nd, 2022. The next expansion will feature a new campaign , a new realm to explore, a weapon crafting feature and the Glaive weapon. 

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The new story focuses on Savathûn, who leads the undead species of Hive on a mission to steal the light. Unlike past enemies, Savathûn uses trickery and manipulation to free herself. Once free, she finds sanctuary on her throne world in the ascendant realm. It’s from here that she imbues Hive Warriors with the light, the very same power that protects guardians and grants them immortality. 

One major change arriving next year is the introduction of overhauled classes. This will be a length process, but starting with The Witch Queen, the void subclass will be reworked. Bungie aims to bring the three primary subclasses inline with the stasis subclass which features deeper customisation than other classes. Arch and solar will also be redesigned, but there are no details on when that may be just yet. 


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Featured Image Credit: Bungie