Destiny 2’s New Weapons May Look Familiar To Halo Fans

The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack is now available, and interestingly features a number of weapons inspired by Bungie’s other major game – Halo. The weapons are of course legally distinct, ensuring Bungie is clear of any nasty legal tangles that Microsoft might want to take them to task on. 

The 30th Anniversary Bundle released yesterday (December 7th), and features content which celebrates the developers rich 30 years history. The Destiny 2 pack includes a new three-player dungeon named Grasp Of Avarice. The dungeon is based on the infamous loot cave in Destiny 1. There is also new treasure in the pack including new weapons, ornament sets, emotes, sparrows, ghost shells, and the returning Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie

Amongst the new weapons are a few very clear Halo-inspired items, including a new sword which looks a lot like the iconic energy sword. There’s also a hand cannon that looks very similar to the Master Chief’s pistol. A new pulse rifle also takes some very clear inspiration from Halo’s battle rifle.

Bungie developed the initial Halo game, and subsequent releases for a number of years. The developer is synonymous with the series, so this is a really nice touch that faithfully pays homage to the series. It would have been nice to see some officially endorsed Halo content in the game, especially as Halo Infinite is now available.

Elsewhere, a unique Skyrim glitch shows a bee carrying a bucket. A reddit user spotted and shared the unusual clip recently.

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Featured Image Credit: Bungie