Skyrim Bees Have The Strength To Carry An Entire Bucket

It turns out Skyrim bees are strong enough to carry buckets, as shown by a video posted to Reddit, if you can beelieve it (sorry).

Describing Skyrim as a broken game would probably be a mild exaggeration, but isn’t necessarily the furthest thing from the truth. Anyone who’s played the game has likely experienced the almighty thwomp from a giant sending you off into the stratosphere.

There’s the classic ‘put a bucket on an NPC’s head so they can’t see anything and steal their stuff’ trick. More recently, a player was graced by the vision of a giant riding on the back of a dragon. It’s safe to say a game that big won’t exactly run the smoothest. And now it seems like Skyrim bees are able to… carry buckets.

Ants can supposedly lift 5000 times their own body weight. But bees? Totally unheard of. But Reddit user MaxNiEf has captured a bee carrying a bucket, defying all known laws of aviation. You might not actually be able to see the bee at first as it’s so small, so it mostly looks like a ghost goofily swinging a bucket around. Bees aren’t actually much of a concern in the world of Skyrim. Their main use is as an alchemy ingredient.

This particular bee clearly needed a pail of water though, and had no interest in becoming a potion. It’s not the first time a bee has caused trouble in Skyrim either. A developer at Bethesda shared a story of how a bee was causing the cart from the opening sequence to completely derail. The lesson here is to never trust a Skyrim bee. Or to get them to help you carry your bucket. Either or.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda