Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Takoshima Guide

Takoshima is the Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed answer to Japan. Featuring the Yakuza, Ninjas and gang wars, it’s quite easy to see where the inspiration for this city comes from. Here are the best hints and tips for the main story missions in Takoshima, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood GameByte team.

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Takoshima Story

Kick this mission off by taking it to Natalya located in the South of Takoshima City where the road ends. The quickest way to get started in this mission is to first scan humans nearby to get confirmation that KGB agents are in the city. Then, scan nearby cops at Takoshima Tower in the centre of the city. 

Once the agents have been found, body snatch one and follow the instructions from Natalya/follow the radar. When making the package trade, simply drop off and get out of the Zen Temple asap. Making for the Shoreline and following it until back to the desired location.

From here, it’s a case of following the radar and keeping Natalya safe whilst wiping out KGB agents.

Revenge of the Ninja

This is another infiltration mission, but this time, players will be dealing with the White Ninjas. Start by body snatching a human and following the radar to find a radio. The three stations will give clues as to where to go next. Each of the three radios will be marked on the radar for players to find, so this is pretty straightforward. Players need to make sure to snatch the right body depending on what area they’re about to enter too.

Once players have found the White Ninja leader, they’ll need to answer a series of questions to prove Crypto is a true Furon. Here are all the right answers:

Question 1:  Who was the spiritual leader of hippies in Bay City?

Answer: Guru Coyote Bongwater

Question 2:  Which of the following is NOT in Bay City?

Answer: Stonewall Bar

Question 3:  Secret KGB base in Bay City.  Where is it hidden?

Answer: On The Rock

Question 4:  Where is Agent Oranchov hiding out in Albion?

Answer: An abandoned tunnel network

Question 5:  What happened to hipsters who came to the Happening?

Answer: All of the above

Question 6:  What organization is Ponsonby really in charge of?

Answer: Majestic Command, 16th sector

The mission draws to a hectic end as the Black Ninjas launch a surprise attack. Whilst they have low health, they’re naturally great at dodging projectiles. Using PK against them to slam them into the floor is the best way to handle them.

Dr Go!

At the start of the mission, make sure to use the jetpack to fly right past the Black Ninja onslaught. Using the guard towers is a great strategy when needing to charge up shields too.

When finding Dr Go, players won’t be able to confront him until the remaining Black ninja are dealt with. Use Mind Flash to distract them and pick them off with the Disintegration Gun. Players will then need to use Free Love to distract both Black Ninja and KGB soldiers, then pick them off.

The mission ends by calling the flying saucer at the nearby landing zone to destroy the castle. Next, use Drain to recharge shields and Transmog to get rid of tanks. To destroy the castle, use the Sonic Boom and Death Ray.

Our Man Crypto

Start by scanning nearby humans to find out where the Black Ninja base is if it hasn’t been found already. Either way, it’s on the North Island of Takoshima City. Players will then need to fight and destroy 20 Ninjas. The best strategy here is to use the Jetpack to jump above the buildings down in the Valley and pick them off from a distance.

Next head over to the Rock Garden by the Zen Temple on foot or via flying saucer. Use the jetpack to fly over the warring Ninja factions and find the code in the Rock Garden near Yuki’s rooms. Just PK the rocks nearby.

Players will then be able to go and take out the KGB building and Agent Soysorski by using Meteor Strike on both. 

You Only Live 137 Times

Find Natalya in Sashimi Village to trigger this mission and grab both jetpack upgrades before continuing if possible. The first part of the mission is the standard PK and shoot strategy, fighting off Ninjas as Crypto drives Natalya up the mountain. There are three terminals Natalya needs to enter a code in with the final one being behind some rocks at the mountain summit. 

Use Meteor Strike to destroy the guns and rocks, then guard Natalya whilst she repairs and enters the code. The next part isn’t easy and may take a few attempts. Players have one minute to escape whilst navigating through tricky platforms and more.

Kojira Kaiju Battle

After finding Pox near Mt. Seiyuki to kick this mission off, make sure to max out the Sonic Boom ability. Kojima’s health regenerates whenever a building is destroyed, so make sure to wipe them out as she makes her way into Takoshima City.

Making use of Drain and Transmog at every opportunity will make sure players can keep on top of Kojima’s constant onslaught. If players have maxed out Meteor Strike, destroy the buildings with Sonic Boom then launch a Meteor Strike on her.

This guide was written by GameByte as a paid partnership between Social Chain Media and THQ Nordic