Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Weapons Guide

There’s one thing players can’t fault Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed for, destructive creativity. From Ammo-loaded anal probes to summoning literal meteors, there’s a zany weapon for almost every situation.

Here’s every weapon players can expect to use in our Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed weapons guide:


This stun gun fires electrical bolts at whoever gets in the way, it can also be chained to hit multiple humans by default once, but more when upgraded. It’s not very effective against against strong targets.

destroy all humans 2 weapons zap o matic
Credit: THQ Nordic

Anal probe

Returning from DAH!, the Anal Probe no longer needs to be charged, but now requires ammo. The probe will drill into the target’s anus until its head explodes. The probe can also un-infect humans who have been mutated by Blisk spores. This weapon is useless against vehicles and Blisk warriors, but can take out most humans in one hit as the weapon auto-aims for the Anus unless the player chooses otherwise.

It still needs charging for critical hits and ammo replenishment, and can only be effective again Blisk enemies providing their shields are down.

Disintegrator Ray

This upgradeable gun shoots a molten substance at enemies, making it effective in multiple situations. It’s a good allrounder, but eats ammo like crazy; can be upgraded for limited area of effect (AoE) damage.

destroy all humans 2 weapons disintegrator ray
Credit: THQ Nordic

Ion Detonator

This Ion Bomb can be thrown at enemies with an explosion delay of up to ten seconds. Causing AoE bomb damage with a fuse, players can trigger it remotely, prematurely or pick up and toss with PK for explosion on impact. It can also cause friendly fire, so be careful!


Purple floating discs are fired at enemies causing them to be thrown in various directions. Said discs regenerate after a short time and be upgraded to fire up to four at once, a necessary addition when using it to tackle vehicles and other heavy objects. Discs return when target dies, so charge for more bounces that cause more damage.

Meteor Strike

This calls a meteor shower from space to hit a target. Best used when trying to tackle larger obstacles and enemies, it can be upgraded to rain down multiple meteors at once. When fully upgraded, a single giant meteor reigns plummets towards a given target. Be careful though as this can also kill Crypto if caught in the blast radius. Metoer Strike is best used on buildings and large gatherings of enemies.

destroy all humans 2 weapons meteor strike
Credit: THQ Nordic

Gastro Gun

The Gastro Gun uses Gastro’s Holopod downloaded existence to fire at and distract enemies. He can be upgraded to have his ammo damage literally everything, including friendly characters. Whilst he autonomously attacks foes around Crypto, Gastro can also becontrolled at an extreme ammo cost. 

Upgrades enhance his autonomous arsenal and focus fire mode both, which are both friendly fire-proof.

Burrow Beast

Chases and destroys enemies within a fired lures range. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can also damage teammates during cooperative play. Simply mark targets as bait for the ancient monster that chases and devours them.

Upgrade the Burrow Beast to have it destroy vehicles as well as have bait clouds hang around to effectively lock off areas (all that enter are chased down by burrow beast). The Burrow Beast doesn’t cause friendly fire.

Featured Image Credit: THQ Nordic

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