"She has always been a hero to me, and I love showing the world what a bad-ass she truly is."

Dev Launches Game About His 92-Year-Old Grandma’s War Stories

When it comes to being wholesome, the gaming community sure knows how to make me sob, and it’s happened again thanks to a viral Reddit post.

The post comes from Belgian game designer Bob De Schutter, who took to the platform to announce the launch of his game, which celebrates the war stories his 92-year-old grandma has shared with him over the years.

Credit: Lifelong Games

The game, Brukel, is a “first-person exploration game that is centered around the memories of Bie Verlinden,” Bob’s grandma, and was created to show the world just how much of a “bad ass” his grandma really is.

On Reddit, the dev explains: “My grandma always told me that her life was unremarkable. Today I am launching a video game about her war stories to prove her wrong.”

Credit: Lifelong Games

Over on the Brukel Game website, Bob goes into more detail about Bie’s role in the game, confirming that his grandma is even the narrator for the title!

“It has been extremely rewarding to watch people interact with my grandmother’s life history,” writes Bob. “She has always been a hero to me, and I love showing the world what a bad-ass she truly is.

Credit: Lifelong Games

“Every line that my grandmother delivers in the game is authentic. She cannot act to save her life, so I had to work with the stories as she told them while reminiscing. Honestly, I think the game actually is even better because of that.”

In the game, players visit the abandoned Brukel farmhouse and use their smartphone to illustrate Bie’s WW2 stories. As time passes, the house “takes players on an emotional journey through some of the traumatic events that Bie lived through.”

Check out more from the wholesome duo in the video below.

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Brukel is available to download now via Steam!

Featured Image Credit: Lifelong Games