Diablo 4 Lead Discusses How Campaign Progression Works

With Diablo 4 releasing in just a few weeks, its lead has revealed how campaign progression will work for those playing co-op mode. Here’s what we know.

After another successful open beta weekend, we are finally in the last few weeks before the latest Diablo title releases worldwide. With the game being even more enjoyable with friends, some players have had questions over how campaign progression will work. 

Luckily, general manager Rod Fergusson took to Twitter to address these concerns.

Diablo 4 Lead Discusses How Campaign Progression Works

“The host of the party owns the state of the world,” Ferugusson wrote on Twitter. “If you’re aligned (aka at the same point in the quest line), then you all progress. If there is a misalignment (like you invited someone new halfway through), then they won’t get the story quest progress/xp until they catch up.”

This answer was in response to a question asked by a player who wanted to know which player earned campaign progress when playing in co-op mode. As you can see, Fergusson confirms that the host of the party will ‘own’ the progression. 

In order to keep all of your friends at an equal place in the story, he also suggests having the player with the least amount of progress to host the party. 

Diablo 4 Will Scale For Individual Players

This news comes alongside the update that Diablo 4 will scale for individual players. This means groups can play together without worrying that they are a higher or lower level than their teammates. Blizzard wanted to make this a key feature for co-op mode. 

“One of my favorite features is the fact that the game scales individually for players,” Fergusson continues. “So questline progress aside, you can have a level 1 and a level 30 playing together and having fun because the game scales for them and the new player doesn’t have to hide in the corner.”

Screenshot featuring a dungeon from Diablo 4
Credit: GamesRadar

This news is further emphasizing that the game will welcome newcomers, whether they are new to the franchise or late joiners.

Diablo 4 will launch on June 6 (or June 2 if you have pre-ordered the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions) for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.