Diablo 4 Still Isn’t Heading To Xbox Game Pass, confirms Blizzard

Despite already confirming that Diablo 4 won’t be heading to Xbox Game Pass, Blizzard has nailed that point home once more in recent days.

March saw Blizzard announce that the latest Diablo instalment won’t be heading to Xbox Game Pass. Now in July, they have reaffirmed this news. 

Diablo 4 Still Isn’t Heading To Xbox Game Pass

The reason they had to do this was thanks to a Brazilian payment app who released an image associating Diablo 4 with the Xbox Game Pass. With some people thinking this was a hint towards a future for the game on the subscription service, Blizzard had to step in. 

“This is not happening,” said Blizzard president, Mike Ybarra. 

No Surprise

The confident confirmation that there is no future for Diablo 4 on Xbox Game Pass is not surprising. Considering the game is being sold for around $70, it wouldn’t make the most sense to offer it for free to Xbox subscribers.

However, the Xbox Game Pass does have a huge reach and could bring more players to the game who couldn’t access it beforehand. Despite this, it still looks like we won’t be seeing any changes to the ARPG’s high price point any time soon.

Season 1

As for the latest Diablo instalment, players are looking forward to its first season arriving on July 20. 

Season of the Malignant will feature brand new monsters that can offer gear-altering drops, a new questline and new gear, mounts and cosmetics. 

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However, some fans aren’t happy after discovering that their hard work has been seemingly ignored. Multiple players who reached hardcore level 100 are yet to see their name added to the official list of challengers.  

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