Diablo Immortal Is Blizzard’s Lowest Rated Game Ever

Diablo Immortal is currently sitting as Blizzard’s lowest scoring game on Metacritic based on user reviews.

At the time of writing, Diablo Immortal is currently sitting at a 0.5 rating out of a maximum of 10 on Metacritic. This comes from a huge review bomb wave, with most reviews giving it a zero. And pretty much all of these reviews focus on the quite predatory monetisation practices the game is engaging in.

Recently, an analysis of the game suggested that maxing out a character in the game could cost a player over $100,000. That’s an unbelievable amount of money for just leveling up a character. An activity that in the earlier years of gaming was just built into the game.

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how bad are things for diablo immortal?

As it stands, Diablo Immortal has a total of 3216 ratings. Of that, only 118 are positive, and 22 are mixed. Leaving a massive 3076 negative reviews, which obviously quickly resulted in that very low user score. 

For comparison’s sake, the critic score is currently sitting at 75 out of 100. Some reviews are still in progress so don’t yet have a score, but the lowest score is currently sitting at 50 out of 100, and the highest at 90. So quite a different set of opinions compared to what was shared by users.

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It honestly isn’t surprising that the game has been so heavily review bombed. A separate analysis of how much the game could cost even went on to suggest that it could cost more than $100k. With the potential of just one stat costing around $50,000.

Part of the problem is that items needed to upgrade your stats come from loot boxes too. So there’s no guarantee you’re even going to get what you need the first time you pay for it. As the currency needed to upgrade certain stats is only available through loot boxes.

Blizzard will massively have to change how the monetisation works if it wants to keep players on. As such a huge cost for just a game simply isn’t worth it.

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Featured Image Credit: Blizzard/ Metacritic