Did You Know Bowser Is Scared Of Mario’s Nipples?

Hey, this might be weird but, did you know that Bowser is scared of Mario’s nipples? Yeah, we didn’t either.

To be honest, I think it’s fair that Bowser is scared of Mario’s nipples. The first time I saw them, I didn’t really know how to handle it. Fear feels like an appropriate response. But this isn’t just a funny goof. Thanks to the eclectic postings of Supper Mario Broth, we know that Bowser is scared of a few things.

Bowser actually has a few different ways he can react to Mario’s costumes depending on what you’re wearing before the final battle in Super Mario Odyssey. According to Supper Mario Broth, one of these reactions is “scared”. So we now know that Bowser is scared of zombies, skeletons, clowns, pixel art, men made from gold, and a mostly naked Mario.

Personally, I don’t find clowns very scary. It’s likely Bowser is experiencing the uncanny valley. The uncanny valley is where you look at something that almost looks human, but something isn’t quite right, so you’re made uncomfortable by this. It’s likely related to your sense of instinct, to be naturally distrusting of things that aren’t obviously human. So this obviously means Mario’s nipples fall into the uncanny valley.

They just shouldn’t be there. I know Mario is a human. The director of Odyssey said so himself. But there are some things the human eye shouldn’t witness, and Mario’s nipples are one of them. Please, Miyamoto. Don’t let Mario be naked in the next game. For our sake, and Bowser’s.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo