Discord Is Testing Premium Memberships For Users

Discord is currently testing premium memberships, a feature that would let users have access to exclusive channels.

Currently, if you want to offer members of your Discord server exclusive channels, you can only do so through other services. Platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi let you connect your Discord server, and in turn give people exclusive roles or channels. You can also use them to simply gain access to a server. But there’s nothing built into the instant messaging service that lets you monetise it. Now, Discord is trialing a premium membership feature with select users (thanks, Engadget).

Credit: Discord

Like on Patreon, you can set specific tiers that grant you various benefits. These might include hidden channels, or access to exclusive merchandise. Pricing is down to the server admin, with a minimum of $2.99 and a maximum of $99.99. Discord will then take a 10% cut of whatever you charge for premium memberships. For comparison, Patreon takes 5-12% depending on your account. And Ko-fi takes 5% on memberships, unless you have Ko-fi Gold.

Jesse Wofford, group product marketing manager at Discord, spoke with Engadget on the topic. ““Access to a channel can seem simplistic, but it’s a foundational piece that someone can build a lot of flexibility on top of,” said Wofford.

According to Wofford, premium memberships is something they have been working on for a while. But even though they could have done it earlier, they wanted to get it right by talking to creators first.

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Featured Image Credit: Discord