Discord Set To Introduce Unique Usernames For Users

Discord has announced they will be rolling out a new update that will give users unique usernames. This update comes courtesy of user feedback.

After a recent update that introduced voice messages and an increased file size limit to the platform, Discord are taking further steps to improve user’s experiences. This comes after the company asked for feedback on the app’s format. 

Discord Set To Introduce Unique Usernames

As of now, a user’s Discord name consists of a case sensitive name followed by a four-digit identifier (known as a discriminator). With the new update that is set to be rolled out gradually, usernames will remove the discriminator.

Now they will need to be a unique username that can only include lowercase letters, numbers, underscores and full stops. They can be updated/changed but will have “relaxed” rate limits. However your display names have no such rules and also don’t have any rate limits. 

Picking a new username

When the update gets to you, your display name will remain the same but you will be asked to choose a new username. In the blog post detailing these changes, Discord shows an example of how it will appear. As you can see, it is very Twitter-esque. 

A screenshot showing how the current Discord username update will be implemented
Credit: Discord

The change will present itself as an in-app prompt so be aware of this update in the next few months. However, if you’re worried about your friends not being able to find you, Discord has reassurance. 

“Your previous username and discriminator will continue to work as an alias after the conversion process is done, so old friends who don’t know your new username yet will continue to be able to add you.”

“The whole point of these changes is that we want to make it a lot easier for you and all the new users coming to Discord to connect and hang out with friends,” the blog post reads.

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