Don’t Worry Darling is causing controversy for all the wrong reasons

Upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling has caught the attention of the internet for all the wrong reasons recently.

The thriller film is directed by Olivia Wilde, and features an all-star cast including Florence Pugh, Harry Styles and Chris Pine. First announced in 2019, the film now close to release. In fact, it was at the movie’s world premiere where the chaos began.

A video was uploaded online which appears to show Chris Pine reacting to something Harry Styles did at the premiere. Some are suggesting the viral video shows Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine. As he’s about to take his seat alongside his co-star, Harry allegedly “spits” on Pine.

It’s extremely hard to make out if this actually happened or not. The video is very unclear, but it’s Pine’s reaction to whatever Harry did that seems to have convinced people. He immediately stops clapping and looks down as if he’s spotted something.

YouTube video

Social Media Reactions

The internet has quickly taken to spreading the clip on social media, with some people demanding to know if it actually happened or not. It’s impossible to know for sure unless one of them comes out and confirms it one way or another, so I guess the conversation will continue to rage for now.

Another bit of drama comes in the form of Pugh and Wilde’s relationship. Wilde and Harry Styles were dating while shooting the movie, but rumours have been circling which say Pugh fell out with Wilde soon after she learned about their relationship. Another clip appears to show Pugh reacting to applause after the screening, and some suggest she never looks in Wilde’s direction during the whole thing.

It’s safe to say this film wouldn’t grabbing as many headlines without all these viral clips. Some people online have said they wouldn’t have seen the film before, but all this drama has grabbed their attention. So it’s not all bad, I guess?

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