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DOOM Eternal Is ‘Best Game We’ve Ever Made,’ Says Dev

We’ve been waiting a long time now and DOOM Eternal definitely has the hype around it, but it could be even better than expected if one game dev is to be believed. Billy Khan, Lead Engine Programmer at id Software, recently took to Twitter to share an update on the upcoming game, and safe to say it’s gotten gamers seriously hyped.

The dev branded DOOM Eternal as “the best game we have ever made,” before dropping some info on the types of set-ups that’ll best support it.

Credit: id Software/Bethesda

He said: “DOOM Eternal is the best game we have ever made. It is brilliant. I cannot wait for everyone to finally play it. It runs butter smooth. The combat is fluid as silk. idTech7 is pushing so much geometric detail. The image quality is bonkers. Get excited!”


He then took the time to respond to some fan queries, confirming HDR support for all available platforms, and teasing that the game looks “incredible” on HDR displays.

For all us tech nerds, he also added some info about the types of PCs that will be able to run the game, telling one player that their 1080TI and Ryzen 3600 will run DOOM Eternal “beautifully.”

The final – rather interesting – response that Khan made was to a user who commented about next-gen consoles, saying: “I know it’s soon but an update for the PS5 with 120fps and/or RT would be bonkers!”


Khan responded with a cheeky GIF that suggests next-gen is definitely something that the id and Bethesda teams are ready for.

DOOM Eternal is set to launch March 20, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This comes after being pushed back from its original release date of November 2019.

Check out the most-recent trailer for the game below.

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: id Software/Bethesda