Dying Light 2 Story Actually Only Takes About 20 Hours To Beat

Techland caused a heated debate this week after announcing that Dying Light 2 will take upwards of 500 hours to complete. This announcement was ultimately within the context of players attaining a 100% completion rate, but this led many to believe the story was likely going to be quite long. 

This sparked an online debate about the matter, with numerous Twitter users voicing their dislike over the game being so long. While others were excited at the prospect of sinking so much time into the game.

Techland elaborated on the topic yesterday. The official Twitter account for the game tweeted: “We wanted to clarify our recent communication about the amount of hours required to complete the game. Dying Light 2: Stay Human is designed for players with different gameplay styles and preferences to explore the world how they see fit.” The tweet was accompanied by an image which broke down the game’s varying gameplay styles. 

A straight run through all the story content will only take 20 hours. Players who explore the world and dive into the side missions, alongside the story, will take around 80 hours. 500 hours is how long it will take completionists to find and complete everything in the game. 

YouTube video

Techland will host a final live stream this Thursday ahead of the Dying Light 2’s release on February 4th. This final stream will likely dive deeper into the game’s story elements, while also revealing new weapons, enemies and mechanics. 


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[Featured Image Credit: Techland]