E3 is back for 2023 with in-person dates announced

E3 is back in 2023 and the in-person dates have been announced. Assuming all goes well and a worldwide panic doesn’t cause further mayhem, of course.

Thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, there hasn’t been an in-person E3 show for three years now.

In 2020, E3 was outright cancelled, as was E3 2021. Sadly, things did not get any easier in the year that followed.

Furthermore, an in-person show was planned for 2022. However, that was also cancelled in place of an all-digital show. Sadly, the digital show then got cancelled.

So, it’s fair to say that it’s been a troubling few years for an event once considered to be video games’ biggest yearly convention.

E3 will have a new structure

The hype starts now” tweeted E3. The tweet revealed that E3 will take place from June 13 to June 16 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Furthermore, it was also stated that the event will have separated business/consumer days and areas.

According to an article from Gamesindustry.biz, the first two days of E3 2023 will be business-exclusive.

The third day of E3 2023 will be for businesses as well as consumers. The fourth and final day will exclusively be for consumers only.

e3 bethesda and xbox
Credit: Microsoft

Who will be at E3 2023?

At this time, no publishers or developers have been confirmed for E3 2023. However, it’s worth remembering that it is still early days and we have under nine months to go until E3 2023 begins. So there is plenty of time for further publishing and developing announcements.

In the most recent E3 events, PlayStation has decided to skip the show. With that in mind, I wouldn’t expect Sony to return to E3 2023.

Hopefully, Nintendo will host its Treehouse event and it’s a safe assumption that Microsoft will once more be in attendance with loads of Xbox goodness.

It is still a possibility that E3 might end up being cancelled. After all, in the post-pandemic era, there’s still a lot of uncertainty. Hopefully, however, all will go well and we’ll have plenty of video game announcements to enjoy next year. Just like the good old E3 days.

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Featured Image Credit: E3/Source: Gamesindustry.biz