EA Reminds Fans That It’s Still Working On New Skate Game With Teaser

EA has released a brand new 75-second teaser for its Skate revival in a bid to remind fans that the game is still in development. The catch? Well, it doesn’t actually feature any gameplay.

Credit: EA

Announced back in 2020, EA’s upcoming Skate game will be the first new game in the franchise since 2010’s Skate 3. Developed by the newly formed studio Full Circle, the newest edition to the skating series will also be handled by its original creators, Deran Chung and Cuz Parry.

In the new Skate teaser trailer, Deran Chung lamented that the game is still in the early stages of production while ensuring fans that progress is being made:

“The truth is it’s still early,” Chung explained. “We’re still working on it”

YouTube video

The trailer then goes out its way to address the gameplay elephant in the room. While the trailer itself doesn’t contain any gameplay footage, Parry claims “a couple of people have seen it” before revealing various reactions from some of the series’ “biggest fans”.

If you’re eagerly awaiting Skate’s comeback, then this trailer probably isn’t going to get you too excited. However, going by the trailer’s various devs, skateboarding stars, and YouTubers reactions, it sounds like the next Skate will be radical. While Thursday’s EA Play Live won’t feature any deets about the game, perhaps we’ll learn more sooner than you’d think!

Skate EA Play Teaser Trailer
Credit: EA

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Featured Image Credit: EA