EA Reportedly Has ‘No Interest In Making Skate 4’

The Skate games probably come from one of the best eras of your childhoods, but if you were still hoping for more then you’re (mostly) out of luck, as EA has reportedly said it’s not interested in making a Skate 4.

Speaking on The Nine Club podcast earlier this year, pro skateboarder Jason Dill opened up about a supposed call he’d had with EA about the future of the Skate series.

Credit: EA

He told host Chris Roberts: “I got a call from the EA people about 10 months ago, and they said, ‘Hey, we want to talk about the Skate games…This woman emailed me, and she said, basically, ‘Hey Jason, we want to do a mobile version of Skate 3,’ and I wrote back and I said, ‘What else?’

“She wrote back, ‘No that’s it.’ So I wrote back, ‘Look, no big deal, no one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3… make Skate f***ing 4 already!”

Credit: EA

He added: “Just do it, just make the game, and just participate again. You can’t level it to the same numbers you get on other games. You do [Skate 4] for a cultural thing that pays you back later – and that’s how corporations can work if they play their cards right.”

According to Dill, EA responded saying they have no interest in Skate 4, but are keen to pursue a mobile version of Skate 3. Dill reportedly replied: “Well have a lot of luck on Need for Speed 29. I won’t be in your stupid mobile game.”

Credit: EA

It was in this podcast that we got rumours of a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, when Dill said the following:

“Did you guys know there’s a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater coming out in 2020?…I made sure to add my board to the boards you can pick, because I wanted to be in that sh*t too somehow!”

Credit: Activision

Thankfully, that’s now been confirmed. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 lands on PC and console, September 4.

Featured Image Credit: EA