Top 5 PlayStation Games That Are Super Easy To Platinum

No matter what game you’re playing, it’s always fun to have something to aim for. Whether that’s the end of a game’s story or the top spot on a leaderboard, having an end goal to work towards can often be that driving force we need to keep playing.

Achievements and trophies are often what compels us gamers to trudge on through games. Nothing quite beats that satisfying *ding* of a trophy popping after defeating a particular boss. That satisfaction is doubly exciting when the platinum notification appears, signifying that you’ve unlocked every single trophy that the game has to offer.

There are some games out there that are unbelievably tricky to achieve a platinum in. If you want to try and unlock those, be my guest. But I’m more interested in the games that offer a platinum trophy that’s easy to unlock. Afterall, the more platinum trophies in our cabinet the bigger the bragging rights, correct?

Here are five games that are super easy to unlock the platinum trophy for.

ghost of tsushima shrine
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t do anything drastically different with the open world formula, but it certainly does it justice. This gorgeous adventure is a lengthy tale of Japanese history following the story of Jin Sakai as he figures out his place on the island of Tsushima. It’s got fantastic melee combat with some especially intriguing upgrade systems to get stuck into.

While Ghost of Tsushima is a rather long title (I clocked in over 70 hours in the time it took me to grab the platinum trophy), it’s a relatively straightforward game to platinum. There are 52 trophies in total, 40 of which are rated as bronze with nine silver and two gold. The vast majority of these trophies can be achieved by simply completing the main story and performing gameplay feats naturally. There aren’t many trophies on the list that require you to make a concerted effort to go out of your way.

Ghost of Tsushima has proven an incredibly easy game to platinum according to its playerbase. Almost 50% of players that own Ghost of Tsushima have earned the coveted platinum trophy, making it one of the most platinumed PlayStation games of all time. It’s a considerable time sink, but most certainly worth the effort.

spider-man miles morales new suit
Credit: Insomniac Games

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Another title that nails the open world formula to the letter is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This smaller scale sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man game takes a more youthful approach to the web slinging gameplay, and is much more bite size. The game was sold at a reduced price to reflect that, but a platinum trophy is a platinum trophy – no matter the game length.

Just like Ghost of Tsushima, most of the trophies in Miles Morales can be earned by completing the main story. You’ll need to complete all of the side content, too. However, all of it is marked directly on the map so you won’t have to go hunting under every nook and cranny in New York. There are 50 trophies in total here with 10 silver and two gold joining the 37 bronze ones.

The most frustrating challenge you’ll find with platinuming Miles Morales is that a playthrough on New Game+ is required for that final trophy to pop. Thankfully, the game isn’t long at all and it doesn’t matter what difficulty your second playthrough is on. My tried and tested method is to hand the controller to a younger sibling or a friend and have them do the whole thing again for you. What are cousins for if not exploiting them for video game trophies?

Life is Strange 2
Credit: Dontnod / Square Enix

Life is Strange 2

Narrative titles like Life Is Strange are notorious for being pretty easy titles to platinum. With the sole objective being to finish the story, there’s not a great deal of wiggle room for game developers to slip in weird and wonderful trophies. However, the caveat with Life Is Strange is that a lot of the trophies are missable. If you don’t get them all on the first time round, it’s back to the beginning of an episode you go.

Alas, Life Is Strange 2 is a very easy game to platinum if you’re one to play through these types of games slowly. If you explore the corners of each level, you’ll no doubt uncover each of the optional collectibles with ease. In fact, it might even enhance your enjoyment of the overall story. Some of the collectibles provide unique insight into the narrative and characters at hand. They’re definitely worth searching for.

There are 47 trophies to hunt down in total here. Those consist of 30 bronze trophies, 15 silver, and a singular golden one. Just like the previous two entries on this list, Life Is Strange 2 has an abnormally high completion rate of over 43%. If you’re looking for a cosy game to completely rinse this winter, Life is Strange 2 is an excellent candidate.

the last of us 2 art
Credit: Naughty Dog

The Last Of Us: Part II

This absolute unit of a title had to turn up on this list at some point. It’s not as easy as some other titles on this list to complete, but you’re sure as heck have plenty of fun doing it. Part of why this game is relatively simple to platinum, though, is that there aren’t that many trophies to unlock in the first place. The Last Of Us: Part II consists of just 26 trophies in total. Ten of those are bronze, eight are silver, and seven are gold. That means you won’t be unlocking trophies nearly as frequent as other games – but you’re rewarded greatly for completing big tasks.

It’s possible to unlock all trophies in one playthrough, but I recommend setting a second one aside. This means you can enjoy the story without stressing about missable trophies on your first time round. A second playthrough can help you to fully appreciate the gorgeous environments as you wander through them at a slower pace. Starting a New Game+ playthrough also means that you’ll retain weapon upgrades and crafting resources, so it’s much easier to unlock some of the higher tier trophies.

The Last Of Us: Part II also deserves a shoutout for its excellent accessibility features. Not only are they extensive, but enabling them doesn’t affect your ability to unlock trophies. As someone who is visually impaired, I often struggle to pick out small collectibles on the ground. The toggleable high contrast filter was an absolute lifesaver while I was searching for those final few collectibles. It’s about as much of a time sink as Ghost of Tsushima, but it’s worth it to fully appreciate what The Last of Us: Part II has to offer.

Credit: Supermassive Games

Until Dawn

Just like Life Is Strange 2, Until Dawn is a narrative based game that ties many of its trophies to the choices you make. Sadly, it’s not possible to unlock every trophy in one playthrough, but it’s still a relatively easy platinum if you’ve got the time for it.

There’s 19 trophies in total. Only four of them are rated as bronze – the other five are silver with the final nine appearing as gold. To unlock the final platinum trophy, you’ll need to complete at least three playthroughs of Until Dawn. That’s not as rough as it seems – only two of them need to be full playthroughs. Your third time through can be started from the final mission to trigger one final, fatal trophy. The game can be blasted through in roughly 8 hours, too. Just under 20 hours isn’t bad for a platinum trophy!

In your first playthrough, you’re going to want to make all the decisions that mean everybody lives. This will essentially give you the “good” ending. It’s probably worth looking around for all of the collectibles during your first playthrough, too. That means you can use a second playthrough to mop up any that you may have missed. Speaking of, your second playthrough should be dedicated to making all of the “bad” decisions so that everybody dies. Once those two playthroughs are complete, it’s time to restart the last mission to earn the “Instant Inferno” trophy. I’ll let you google how to earn that one.

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