Ed Sheeran Is… Going To Be In Pokemon Go?

British musician Ed Sheeran is going to be, and this isn’t a joke, in Pokemon Go.

Sheeran put out a tweet on his account yesterday with an image showing his own name, with the Pokemon Go logo beneath it over an orange background. The tweet was captioned with “Coming soon..” So evidently the collaboration that I am struggling to comprehend will be out sometime soon. The official Pokemon Go Twitter account also quote tweeted said tweet with the incredibly suggestive eyes emoji, teasing the news.

How this collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Pokemon Go is going to pan out is currently unclear. The weirdest part is that this isn’t the only successful musician that has worked with Pokemon this year. Back in February there was a Pokemon virtual concert featuring Post Malone. We even got some music from Katy Perry, for some reason.

This year marks 25 years of Pokemon, so those earlier instances are part of celebrating that fact. It might just be that Ed Sheeran is appearing in the critter collecting app just because. There’s always the chance that Pokemon Go is going the Fortnite route, holding something like the Travis Scott concert. But it could take any shape or form.

Niantic also recently released a new AR app featuring another Nintendo property, Pikmin Bloom. While not as successful as its Pokemon predecessor, Pikmin Bloom has still managed to be downloaded over two million times in its first couple of weeks. 

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Featured Image Credit: Capital News / Pokemon Go