Pikmin Bloom Has Been Downloaded Two Million Times

Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom has been downloaded two million times in two weeks, according to Eurogamer.

The news comes from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, which tracks store data, spending and downloads. Japan accounted for almost half of all installs, with 864k downloads. The US apparently comes in second, and the UK in third. Compared to its predecessors, Pikmin Bloom having two million downloads is quite small. Pokemon Go, perhaps unsurprisingly, amassed 75 million downloads in two weeks. And Harry Potter: Wizards Unite amassed 12.4 million downloads in the same time.

According to the report from Eurogamer, Pikmin Bloom has currently earned $473 in spending. Whereas Harry Potter: Wizards Unite earned $8m in that timeframe, and Pokemon Go $116 million.

Pikmin Bloom. A red pikmin is in the real world, hiding behind a pair of shoes.
Credit: Niantic/ Nintendo

However, the disparity in numbers is not that surprising. Pikmin is nowhere near as popular as either Pokemon or Harry Potter. Except Wizards Unite is shutting down early next year. Wizards Unite couldn’t meet the expectations Niantic likely had from Pokemon Go’s success. But if Wizards Unite has been deemed unsuccessful by Niantic, Pikmin Bloom’s comparatively slow start likely doesn’t bode well for the app long term.

Pikmin Bloom is meant to be more of a chilled, casual experience compared to Niantic’s other games. It’s more a way to encourage people to go out on more walks than actively collecting Pikmin. While that might make for a lovely experience, unfortunately business comes first and foremost. It’s still early days for the apps though, so we’ll have to wait and see how it develops. 

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Featured Image Credit: Niantic/ Nintendo