Emulation Will Now Let You Play Pretty Much Any PS2 Game

Thanks to the team at PCSX2, you can now emulate just about every PS2 game out there, with one exception. 

PS2 emulation has come a long way. Now, according to PCSX2’s official Twitter account, every PS2 title will at least boot to the title screen (thanks, Kotaku). Well, except for Real World Golf. This is a huge step for PS2 emulation, and fantastic for preservation efforts. The reason Real World Golf is struggling is because of the hardware the game came with.

Real World Golf came with a special version of the Gametrak, a 3D device that uses cables to track your movement. This basically means it’s unlikely Real World Golf will ever be fully possible to emulate, unless someone works out how to make the original hardware work with the emulator. You can see Real World Golf in action below.

YouTube video

Being able to emulate almost every PS2 game is great for a lot of reasons. A huge number of titles are incredibly costly these days. A copy of Rule of Rose, a game unavailable on modern consoles and was even banned in the UK during its original release, can go for upwards of £400.

While downloading ROMs is illegal, if you own a copy of the game you’re legally allowed to burn a copy of it. Games like Rule of Rose likely wouldn’t be possible for most people without emulation. The efforts that the team at PCSX2 go to are incredibly valuable. And they’re doing a lot more good than the companies that own the rights to these lost games are.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/ PCSX2