Elden Ring Ds Brother Location And The Quests You’ll Need

Although a great game of multiple outcomes and open-world perfection, quest such as helping out Elden Ring Ds Brother can be a chore. It’s also a quest that requires other quest-lines to be either in progress or completed. Don’t worry, we’ve gone through the headaches for players so they know exactly what they need to do and where to go.

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

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Elden RiNG Ds Brother Location

Finding Ds Brother is simple enough, just head over to Eternal City. Next, head to the most Northern middle isle and find the Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron. This can be located by heading to the North-Eastern point of Eternal City as seen below.

To start the Elden Ring Ds Brother interaction, players need to wake him up. This can’t be done by attacking or any other brute trickery. Players must have Ds Twinned Armour to coax him into waking up.

Elden Ring D Brother

Where To Find Elden Ring Ds Brother Twinned Armour

D, Hunter of the Dead can be found quite easily by travelling to Summonwater Village from the eastern pathway leading towards it. Players could also head north from the nearby Artists Shack in Limgrave if that’s more convenient also.

Players will find D stood over a dead body grieving. He will warn players not to travel any further east due to the small town being ‘infested with ghostly fiends’. He will also mark a ‘Sending Gate’ icon on a player’s map which takes them to the Beast Clergymen.

How To Acquire the Twinned Armour

Players can now do one of two things; Fight and kill D, Hunter of the Dead for the Twinned armour set or give him Fia’s weathered Dagger. This allows Fia to kill him whilst allowing players to complete two quests with one murder. Elden Ring is nice like that.

Fia’s questline is a long one but can be activated by finding her in Roundtable Hold. The quest will also allow players to attain the Mending Rune of Death providing players have a Cursemark of Death. See what we mean? 

Either method will gain players the full Twinned Armour set. Players opting for the Fia’s Weathered Dagger route will want to reload the area after giving it to D, who will now be a dead corpse ripe for the looting.

Finally, travel back to Ds brother to give him the Twinned Armour, which will finally awake him from his long slumber.


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