Elden Ring Footage Has Leaked Online

A trailer for FromSoftware’s upcoming RPG Elden Ring has been leaked online, according to a report by VGC. Please note the following article contains no spoilers for the footage.

Elden Ring logo
Credit: FromSoftware

The trailer is 112 seconds long and features some cinematic shots of the game, as well as gameplay. At first, mere snippets of the trailer made their way online, which had questionable quality and not much in the way of visual info. Now, it seems that we have enough footage to really get a feel for the game and what its adventure might entail. If you want to watch it, you can do so on YouTube.

Sure, the trailer looks like it was filmed on a potato, but that’s what happens when you’re being a sneaky insider.

A weapon from Elden Ring
Credit: FromSoftware

The official trailer can’t legally be shared by the likes of VGC and various other publications, likely due to a series of non-disclosure agreements signed by journalists upon previously viewing the footage. The short clip is watermarked with the words “CONFIDENTIAL BNEE INTERNAL USE BIZ SESSIONS”, so both Bandai and FromSoftare probably aren’t too pleased to see it online.

Elden Ring has been a hot topic recently, especially since the last trailer we got for it was in 2019. The game’s development had apparently been disrupted by the ongoing pandemic, with one insider stating that it’s unlikely that the game will come out this year. The new leaked trailer contradicts this, and suggests that a release date reveal might be closer than you’d think.

Image of hero from Elden Ring
Credit: Sony/FromSoftware

However, rumours that Elden Ring’s trailer would be part of an alleged live Xbox event later this month have been shot down. Xbox’s marketing boss Aaron Greenberg responded to press speculation with the following statement:

Just to set expectations: this is not happening. There are always things we have in the works, but nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or world premieres like this.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for knowledgable insiders to question this. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier also commented on the rumours while somewhat substantiating them:

I know lots of people are desperate for Elden Ring news. I don’t know much about it (except that it’s been delayed a bunch). But there is strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon. It’s not going to pull a Winds of Winter. Elden Ring has pages.

Elden Ring is set to be FromSoftware’s most ambitious RPG yet, so the developer is likely being very precautious when it comes to its big reveal.

For now, stay clear of Elden Rings leaks if you can!

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware