Elden Ring Guide: Equip Load Explained

If you’ve been playing through Elden Ring, tweaking your character’s loadout, you may have noticed an Equip Load character stat that changes depending on the weapons or armour you have on your person. If you’ve come here looking for information on what exactly Equip Load is and how it can affect you, read our handy guide for more information.

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Simply put, Equip Load in Elden Ring is how much your character can have equipped on themselves before they start to move slower. Exceeding specific breakpoints of your character’s Equip Load threshold will affect movement speed, roll speed, and invincibility frames. So it’s a vital aspect of character creation, as heavier armours will provide more protection against damage at the cost of a higher Equip Load.

elden ring equip load explained

On your character status or inventory screen, you’ll see two numbers next to the Equip Load stat. The number on the right is your maximum Equip Load, this is the maximum weight of your armour and weapons before your character’s movement is slowed to a crawl and they cannot roll. Meanwhile, the number on the left is what your current Equip Load is; the summation of your weapons and armour’s total weight.

Maximum Equip Load can be increased through several methods. The first one is by increasing your Endurance attribute. When levelling up, you can put points into Endurance which raises both your stamina and Equip Load. If you want more information on how to level up in Elden Ring, check out our guide here.

Another method to increase Equip Load is by wearing specific clothing and talismans that have effects to increase it. These can be found out in the world or bought from merchants. 

elden ring equip load roll


Ultimately, your Equip Load should be whatever fits best with your character. Characters wearing light armour should always go for as low Equip Load as possible. Meanwhile, tanky characters going for the heaviest armour should keep it as close to 100% Equip Load as possible without going over.

There are four tiers of movement and roll speed governed by this stat. Depending on the % of total Equip Load, your rolls will be faster or slower. Here’s the chart for what you should aim for:

TypeTotal Equip Load
Light Roll0-30%
Medium Roll30-70%
Heavy Roll70-100%

Light rolls and heavy rolls are best recommended for specialised characters with strict min-maxing. However, a majority of builds may fall somewhere in the medium roll threshold. So it’s a good idea to plan for your Equip Load to be in the 30-70% range when creating your character.

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And that’s all you need to know about Equip Load! Now go forth and roll to your heart’s content.

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