Elden Ring Guide: How To Skip Stormveil Castle

Low level Elden Ring players may be having a big trouble with clearing out Stormveil Castle during the early hours of the game. It’s a tough area with lots of difficult enemies, including two bosses that will absolutely annihilate unsuspecting players. But did you know there’s actually a way to skip Stormveil Castle? At least for the time being. Here’s our guide on how to do that.

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need


Stormveil Castle is located just after Stormhill, and players can find themselves there pretty much early on in the game’s story. Before you can even reach Stormveil Castle though, you’re forced to fight a boss called Margit the Fell Omen. If you’d like some tips on how to square off against this big baddy, we also have a guide for that right here.

But if you’d like to skip Stormveil Castle for the time being and reach Liurna of the Lakes early, you ought to know that is entirely possible. Here’s how.

elden ring stormveil skip intro

Begin from the Scavenger’s Shack Site of Grace, which is located near the Golden Seed location in Stormhill.

From here, head up the north path on Torrent. Keep following the road past some enemy soldiers and reach the point where the round bends round to continue up the hill. Instead, keep heading straight into the woods. You’ll find you can actually move between the treeline and eventually come out to a broken bridge. 

There’s an NPC here who you can talk to who implies that because of the broken bridge, you won’t be able to head to the lakes without going through Stormveil Castle. Except that’s not true at all!


Head to the end of the broken bridge and look down. You’ll notice a patch of ground you can jump down to. Head down and follow the edge of the ridge towards the cliffside. Pay close attention to the wall here and follow it along. There’ll be a small gap you can fit into which leads to a narrow path. 

Take Torrent through here and follow the path. It’ll actually take you all the way around Stormveil Castle and through to the other side. A Site of Grace is waiting for you here, and you’ll be in Liurna of the Lakes proper. And that’s how you do the Stormveil Castle skip in Elden Ring!

Be sure to know, however, that you’ll need to go through Stormveil Castle eventually. There’s a boss here who possesses an key item you’ll need for later on in the story. You’ll also need to at least beat Margit if you want access to the Roundtable Hold. But if you want to explore the Lands Between some more and level up a bit before taking on the castle, this method will allow you to do that.

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