Elden Ring Network Test File Size Revealed And It’s A Small One

The file size for the upcoming Elden Ring Network Test has been revealed and it won’t take up much of your hard drive space. Thankfully.

Last month, Elden Ring suffered a short delay pushing it back from January to February. Yet, with the delay came the announcement of a Network Test which begins this month.

Up until this point, we’ve not known how much hard drive space the Network Test will take up. However, those numbers are now in and it’s perhaps not as bad as you thought it might be.

As revealed by Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, it’s been detailed that the Elden Ring Network Test will only take up 6.888GB. Although it is worth keeping in mind that this file size is without an update, so it may be a little larger. Furthermore, the file size has also only been revealed for PS5, but I imagine it will be a similar size across platforms.

Can I take part in the Elden Ring Network Test?

It’s unlikely at this time. When the Network Test was announced, you needed to register by November 1st to be in with a chance.

Elden Ring Press Kit 2
Credit: FromSoftware

When will the Elden Ring Network Test take place?

The Network Test will take place from Friday, November 12th to Monday, November 15th. Dates and times on the Network Test can be found below:

  • 12/11/21: 10am GMT/12pm CET to 1pm GMT/3pm CET
  • 13/11/21: 2am GMT/4am CET to 5am GMT/7am CET
  • 13/11/21: 6pm GMT/8pm CET to 9pm GMT/11pm CET
  • 14/11/21: 10am GMT/12pm CET to 1pm GMT/3pm CET
  • 15/11/21: 2am GMT/4am CET to 5pm GMT/7pm CET
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Did you register for the Network Test? Let us know across our social media channels.

In related Elden Ring news, yesterday we were treated to some new and incredible gameplay, as well as some amazing collector editions. Elden Ring will release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on February 25th, 2022.

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Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco/FromSoftware