Elden Ring: Where To Find The Twinblade

The Twinblade in Elden Ring is a powerful double-edged sword found in the early hours of the game. An ideal weapon for melee users, it’s proved itself to be quite a beast for those running Strength and Dexterity melee builds, as well as those who utilise horseback combat out in the fields of Limgrave due to its far reach.

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If you’re keen to know where to find the Twinblade, check out how to do that below!

elden ring twinblade location map


The Twinblade is found in Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave, near the starting area of the game. Before you begin searching for this excellent starter weapon though, make sure you’ve unlocked Torrent, your noble steed. If you need a guide on how to find Torrent, check that out here.

If you start from The First Step Site of Grace, head to your right along the side of the cliff. Towards the edge, you’ll notice an area on the side of a lake which you can drop down into. Further ahead lies a bunch of ruins populated by skeletons. Here’s where it’s located on the map and is where you must go.

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Head into the Dragon-Burnt Ruins and start defeating the skeletons. As you make your way through the location, you’ll come across a small set of stairs that leads to a dungeon filled with rats. You don’t want to head down here. Instead, call Torrent and ride slightly south of those stairs. You’ll notice a walled-off section of the ruins that you can’t normally jump over, but with Torrent’s double jump ability you’ll be able to scale it.

Do this and you’ll be in a small, enclosed courtyard with another set of stairs heading down. Go down these stairs and you’ll find a small room with a chest you can open. Don’t worry, it’s not a trap. Open the chest and the Twinblade is yours. If you plan on fighting the Tree Sentinel in melee combat, we definitely recommend using this weapon.

elden ring twinblade location

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