Is Elden Ring Multiplayer? – Co-Op, Invasions And PVP Explained

Is Elden Ring multiplayer? Online multiplayer has always been a part of Souls games, and Elden Ring is no different. However, it can be rather confusing to get your head around if you’ve never played a FromSoftware game before.

You can, of course, opt to play Elden Ring completely offline. However, that would be cutting yourself off from some of the game’s best features and most organic moments. The online play is interwoven into gameplay, allowing you to connect with other players, usually without even seeing or hearing them.

Whether you want to experiment with co-op, invasions, or PvP, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the Elden Ring multiplayer, explained.

elden ring multiplayer guide

Is Elden Ring Multiplayer? – How To Enable

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that multiplayer is enabled. To do this, head to the settings menu and head to the ‘System’ tab. Then, go to ‘Network’. In this menu, you should see a setting called ‘Default Play Behaviour’. Set this to either ‘Play Offline’ or ‘Play Online’ depending on your preference.

Once set to ‘Play Online’, you’re ready to experience the multiplayer features that Elden Ring has to offer. That includes the mysterious messages left by other players, as well as summoning signs. Let’s talk through what else you can do with Elden Ring multiplayer.

Is Elden Ring Multiplayer? – Summoning, PvP, and joining friends

You can summon other players into your world by using an item called the Furi-calling Finger Remedy’. This will reveal nearby Summoning Signs on the ground which you can interact with. Summoning Signs mean that another player has indicated that they’d like to be summoned into another world.

The colour of a Summoning Sign indicates whether a player wants to engage in co-op or PvP gameplay. A yellow sign indicates a friendly co-op, whereas red signs signify that the player wants to fight you.

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If you don’t have a Furi-Calling Finger Remedy to hand, you can look out for a Martyr Effigy. These are small statues of a man with his arms outstretched to the skies, a neat callback to the jolly cooperation of Solaire from the first Dark Souls. These are often found near the entrances of bosses or Legacy Dungeons. Interacting with them will reveal nearby summoning signs.

If you wish to buddy up with a friend, then you’ll need to take advantage of the password system. To use it, head to the ‘Multiplayer’ tab in the main menu screen. There, you’ll be able to create a password that you should share with the person you want to play with. Ensure that the password is unique enough so that you’re not matching up with random players! Both you and your friend should ensure that exactly the same password is set in both of your games. Then, you’ll need to use a ‘Host of Fingers’ to summon your would-be partner into your game.

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