Pokemon GO! Is Far From Dead Thanks To An Unbelievable Increase In Players 

When Pokemon GO! first released way back in 2016 it absolutely took over the world. The AR Pokemon game you kept in your pocket got people moving, created friendships and started a devout community that’s still thriving today. 

Naturally, as time progressed people began to care less and less about Pokemon GO! and the throngs of addicts you’d see at every place of interest dropped to almost non-existence. 

Cut to 2018 and we’re just a couple of months away from the release of the Nintendo Switch’s Let’s Go Pikachu! And Eevee!, two highly-anticipated Pokemon titles that will offer players a new reason to play Pokemon GO! and it seems like people are getting into the spirit. 

The popular mobile game has seen a sudden resurgence in players over the summer, pulling in some impressive numbers that are likely to grow even larger.

Niantic has reported on its blog that the GO! community has seen a massive 35% increase in players from May onwards. 

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Along with the increase in players, over 113 million Friend connections have been made and 2.2 BILLION Gifts have been sent between players, with users really taking advantage of these newer in-game features. 

Niantic states: “While the headlines are filled with examples of technology being used to divide us, our experiences this summer deepen our conviction that technology can be harnessed to enhance our lives in a positive way and bring us all closer together and strengthen our connection with the communities where we live and play.” 

Way to go, Niantic! 

With the Let’s Go games just around the corner it’s likely we’re going to see more and more people re-downloading Pokemon GO!, which shares play mechanics and even transferrable date with the two upcoming Nintendo Switch titles.

Will Pokemon GO! reach its previous heights, or is the GO! obsession officially done?