Epic Games Faces Backlash From Fans Unable To Play Fortnite Birthday Challenges

It’s Fornite’s first birthday and although it’s hard to believe the game has only been around for 365 days, Epic Games haven’t been quiet about their planned birthday celebrations.

Epic Games teased the addition of a bunch of birthday-themed challenges to get the party started, including dancing in front of 10 birthday cakes, playing 14 games and deal 1000 points of damage to enemies.

If you successfully complete the challenges in Battle Royale then you’ll be rewarded with 5,000XP, a new spray, new emote and “Birthday Cake Back Bling.”

There’s also a bunch of goodies to be picked up in Save the World, where the Fortnite Birthday questline can get you the Brigade Ramirez Hero, and tickets even enable Birthday Llamas, containing heroes and weapons from past events.

Everyone’s been eagerly awaiting the Birthday events, but it looks like there’s a lot of unhappy gamers out there, as not everyone’s been able to access the new goods.

Upset gamers took to Twitter to vent their frustration, with one angry fan Tweeting: “I’m so f*cking annoyed right now!! The birthday challenges haven’t loaded up and it hasn’t given me the back bling as I know I’ve completed them.”

Another complained: “What is this? @EpicGames I just got done grinding on my account for the birthday challenges only for my brother NOT to have them. What must he do to unlock these? Please fix! “

Facing a barage of grief from upset and angry Fortnite players, Epic Games responded: “It looks like the Birthday Challenges are late to the party for some Battle Royale players.”

They went on to add: “Some players will not have access to Birthday Challenges until 8PM ET tonight.”

If you’re in the UK it means you won’t be able to play until around midnight/1am tonight, but before you get too upset, you’ll have until 7th August 2018 to get yourself all the birthday treats you want.